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Give Your Bathroom a Brand New Look

We have been providing quick and efficient beautiful bathtub replacements and remodeling services for families in Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and the surrounding areas since 1999 so we have industry experience you can trust. Don’t trust your safety to just anyone – choose the Better Business Bureau-accredited Bath Planet West for a streamlined installation.

Bath Wall Surrounds

If your bathtub walls have accumulated a dark tint that you can’t seem to get rid of, the bath remodeling process at Bath Planet West is the perfect solution. We are the only expert southern California remodelers who can install high-quality new bath wall surrounds in as little as one day.

We offer a completely customized approach to bathroom remodels, which ensures that your new bathtub surrounds fit seamlessly with your existing wall. Our triple-seal technology guarantees that your surround installation will be watertight to prevent moisture and water from seeping under the surrounds, which can lead to water damage or mold growth.

Southern California Bathtub Enclosures

Traditional gutted bathroom remodels are incredibly time-consuming and can cost a fortune, but when you select Bath Planet you can have your bath enclosures replaced in as little as one day! Our professionals take pictures and detailed measurements of your existing surrounds so that they can create new tub walls that fit your tub seamlessly. With our range of bath accessories like shower caddies and soap dishes and our many style options, you can tailor your new bath enclosures to perfectly suit your needs.

You don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for speed when you choose Bath Planet. We use the highest quality materials including a unique multi-layer acrylic that has received the Good Housekeeping Seal. Our acrylic will never crack, chip or fade no matter how frequently you use your bath, and we are so confident in the durability of our acrylic products that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of them. The acrylic we use is mold and mildew resistant, and because we never use grout, it will be incredibly easy to clean and maintain your new bathroom.

Custom Created Tubs

Your tub is one of the most prominent features of your bathroom, so why keep using one that is cracked, chipped, faded or outdated? If you’ve been living with an unsightly bathtub because you don’t have the time for a messy remodel, get in touch with Bath Planet West! We are the most qualified Southern California bath replacement and bathroom remodeling company because we complete installation on your bathtub without creating a mess in your home or interrupting your daily life. Our one-day remodeling services are cost-effective and allow you to enjoy a brand new bathroom in a fraction of the time that a traditional remodel would take.

Quality Tub Replacement

Although our bath replacement services are quick, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality – in fact, we are so confident in our work that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our acrylic products. Our skilled professionals use high quality, multi-layer acrylic that is both mold and mildew resistant, which makes cleaning and maintaining your new tub a breeze.

In order to provide the most customized service possible, we send our professionals to your home to take detailed measurements of your current bath. At this time, we will discuss your options, including our range of bath accessories, such as grab bars or soap dishes, to create the bathtub most suited to your needs and lifestyle.

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